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Pay via 'Cycle To Work'

When purchasing through Cycle to Work Voucher it is important that you reserve the chosen bike with a £200 deposit first and wait for an order confirmation from MTB Monster. This way there is no chance of the bike selling out whilst you are in the process of generating a voucher with your employer. The £200 deposit will be refunded to the original payment method once the voucher is redeemed.

Please be aware that if a bike is on sale / discounted on our website we are not able to sell it at this price in conjunction with a Cycle to Work Voucher. This is due to the fact that we are charged by the voucher provider a processing fee. This fee can range from 6% to 15% depending on the voucher provider. If you are happy to pay the additional fee or purchase the bike at the RRP (whichever is more cost effective for you) then we can still proceed with the sale so, please place your £200 deposit below to reserve the bike and start the process. 

If for any reason you are not able to complete the sale the deposit is fully refundable (Excluding pre agreed Special Order items), Once your voucher is redeemed, we cannot cancel the order. For this reason, we prefer to keep the deposit and only redeem the voucher once the bike comes into stock. We understand that on rare occasions vouchers have expiry dates and so you may want to redeem early so if you would like to discuss the options, please call 01254 959345 (Option 1). A member of the team can go through any questions that you have.

After paying your £200 deposit, we will contact you via email by the end of the next working day (but normally within a few hours) to confirm the order and give details of when we will next be in touch with information. If the bike is in stock it can be dispatched within 5 working days or held for a short period of time whilst you arrange your voucher. If the bike has a future date for availability, then we will keep in touch with you throughout to process the voucher, update you and arrange delivery. Any questions you can reach us on 01254 959345 (Option 1) or by filling in a Contact Us form.