We understand that it is important that your new bike arrives safely, in a ready to ride condition which is why we carry out the following steps

1. Before we send the bike out, all bikes are built up by our in-house mechanics and double checked to make sure they are in perfect condition. Our mechanics perform a PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection) on every bike before sending them out.

2. We then carefully protect the bike for transit using as many recyclable products as possible. 

3. Any small parts or extras are packaged in a separate box within your bike box  to protect it from any scrapes while in transit. 

4. To get your bike in the box we have to take off the handlebars and the front wheel, but these are easy for you to pop back on at home when your bike arrives. See how to build your bike from the box by clicking here.

Please note; Due to our recycling policy, our workshop reuses bike boxes that are in good condition to lessen our impact on the environment and this may mean that the bike that you have ordered may arrive in a differently branded box.


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