The Mixed Wheel Patrol sports a fresh haircut, yet maintains its unwavering enthusiasm for all adventures, showing no remorse as it conquers trails with sheer excitement and boldness.

As one of our most enduring models, the decision to infuse freshness into the Mixed Wheel Patrol was a natural one. With enhanced geometry tailored for a 29" front and 27.5" rear wheel combination, coupled with refined suspension tuning, you might just find yourself riding from dawn till dusk and beyond. Whether you're playfully maneuvering, soaring over jumps, skillfully pumping, or wholeheartedly whooping your way down the trail, the revamped Patrol is all about embracing the joy of the ride. Whether you're at a bike park or exploring local trails, the Patrol's focus lies not in where you're riding, but in ensuring you're relishing every ounce of exhilaration.