More ways to optimise your ride

Embrace the exhilarating journey into uncharted territories, fueled by unyielding power and an abundance of exploration potential! Say hello to the unstoppable force that is the Rail - a trailblazing marvel designed to redefine versatility, amplify range, and unleash unbridled torque. And guess what? Every model comes decked out with Bosch's cutting-edge system, elevating your e-MTB experience to unparalleled heights. Get ready for an electrifying adventure as you dive into boundless customization options, all harmonized with aggressive geometry and an impressive battery, engineered to conquer countless mountain miles with sheer enthusiasm!

Opt for either the Gen 2 Alloy or Gen 3 Carbon Rail editions and you'll secure a rugged, high-powered machine akin to the latest generation. The trade-off is the omission of Bosch's smart system, Mini Remote, and LED display, allowing for a straightforward, app-free riding experience. Despite this, these models still retain coveted features like the Active Braking Pivot, RIB technology, and an impressive 85 Nm of torque, providing exceptional value through their legacy e-system. On the other hand, if you opt for the Gen 3 alloy or Gen 3/4 carbon Rail options, you'll gain access to Bosch's smart system, complemented by a streamlined LED System Controller display and a compact Mini-Remote. These models encapsulate all the beloved aspects of the previous generation while infusing a touch of enhanced intelligence.