Mondraker ebikes, powered by innovation & passion

With their distinguished silhouette and every detail considered… Mondraker ebikes are the formula one of the EMTB world


At MTB Monster, we've been partnering with Mondraker for years, trekking out to Spain to test their incredible ebikes. These guys saw the e-bike revolution coming way before most, and their dedication shows: they didn't just hop on a trend, they helped shape it!


The years of early experimentation laid the foundation for the incredible ebikes they build today.

mondraker e-bike

Mondraker isn't just about bikes, they're about the future of riding! That same innovative spirit you'd find in their classic mountain bikes lives on in their e-bike range.


Forget what you think you know about eMTBs! Mondraker's ebike designs scream  performance,  aggressive angles, cutting-edge suspension, and advanced tech make it clear these bikes inherit the DNA of their legendary trail machines.

mondraker e-bikes

Mondraker’s ebike lineup has something for everyone, and can be split into 3 styles of bike;


1. Mondraker Electric Hardtail Mountain Bikes


Perfect for those who only need front suspension for their riding style. If this fits the bill and you want a real head-turner, look no further than the Mondraker Prime & Mondraker Thundra range.

mondraker emtb

2. Mondraker Lightweight EMTB


Two incredible bikes, each with its own attitude:


The Mondraker Neat: A playful ripper with a TQ motor and balanced 160mm/150mm travel (front/rear).

The Mondraker Dune: A Bosch SX-powered beast sporting 170mm of front/rear travel (climb to the top, then absolutely smash back down!).

mondraker electric mountain bike

3. Mondraker Full Suspension Electric Mountain Bikes


Ready for epic all-day adventures? Here's where you'll find the bigger batteries and are differentiated by 2 motor systems:


Bosch CX Power: The Mondraker Crafty & Chaser, with 160mm/150mm travel (front/rear), followed by the Mondraker Level (170mm front/rear travel).


Shimano EP801 Power: The Mondraker Crusher with 160mm/150mm travel (front/rear).

mondraker crafty

Hopefully this overview gives you a solid introduction to Mondraker ebikes and highlights some key differences between models. Want to learn more about the brand, or still have questions? Contact us, that's what we're here for.


MTB Monster isn't just about selling bikes – finding your perfect ride is our mission. Our team knows these bikes inside and out, from the tech to the trails they thrive on.

mondraker electric mtb

And we're not just saying Mondraker are good, we're saying they build exceptional pieces of kit! Several of us have owned Mondrakers – and we can vouch for them, they're freaking awesome!


Ready to experience the difference? Explore the range, or contact us to view or book a test ride!

testing Mondraker ebikes