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Mondraker bikes, proven on the mountain biking racing circuit, are renowned for their cutting-edge tech and stylish aesthetics


Founded in Spain in 2001, Mondraker bikes quickly established themselves as a force in mountain bike design. Their dedication to high-performance bikes loaded with innovative technologies is a hallmark of their entire range.


We've visited the Mondraker team several times in Alicante, and it's clear that their passion for producing the best possible mountain bikes runs through everyone you meet. As you can see from the photo, whenever we visit, they're always keen to demonstrate the capabilities of their bikes.

Mondraker bikes any good?

Mondraker's rapid growth since its inception has demanded a workspace to match their ambition. Their new headquarters boldly reflects their brand ethos, a minimalist, cutting-edge design that echoes the advanced tech found within their bikes.


The building's unmistakable wheel-inspired architecture, built from glass and steel, is an eye-catching testament to Mondraker's non-conformist spirit.  Within this 12,000m2 facility lies the heart of the operation, where 99% of their bikes are brought from concept to fully-assembled reality.

Mondraker bikes made in Spain

Mondraker Bikes cover every discipline of mountain biking from Downhill to Cross country. However, over the last decade, the mountain bike scene in the UK have become particularly big fans of Mondraker’s bigger suspension platforms.


Their pioneering forward geometry developed a strong fan base including ex GMBN presenter Andrew Dodd (aka Doddy), who has since joined Mondraker. This tech advancement has now been widely adopted and has now become the industry standard in frame design. Additionally, their Summum bikes have received plenty of attention in Downhill racing, including the famous 1st, 2nd & 3rd finishing position in the 2016 Val di Sole World Championships.

Running alongside their mechnical bikes, Mondraker were quick to embraced the e-bike revolution early on, and it shows! They've infused their award-winning mountain bike DNA into a wildly popular lineup of Electric Mountain Bikes (EMTBs).


Their full-suspension rigs fall into two main categories: lightweight trail-shredders and big-battery adventurers.

mondraker e-bikes

The first category is all about lightweight EMTB agility. Here, Mondraker offers two models with distinct personalities:


The Mondraker Neat: relies on a TQ motor paired with 160mm of front travel and 150mm on the rear.

The Mondraker Dune:  utilizes the Bosch SX system and offers 170mm of front and rear travel (with the exception of the XR version, boasting a burly 180mm fork).

Mondraker bikes Alicante

The second category is all about big adventures with long-lasting batteries.  These bikes are slightly heavier but reward you with additional torque and the power to explore further. Here's a quick breakdown based on motor systems 


Bosch CX: CraftyChaser & Level 

Shimano EP801: Mondraker Crusher & Dusk


All of the above models run 160mm of front travel and 150mm on the rear (except the Level: 170mm front & rear)

Mondraker bikes crafty

We hope this mini overview of the Mondraker & their most popular bikes has been helpful. If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us – we're here to help! At MTB Monster, we don't just sell bikes – we're passionate about finding the perfect ride for you. Our team meticulously researches every brand we carry, ensuring top-notch performance, trail-ready reliability, and components built to conquer your favourite terrain.


That's why we're proud to stock Mondraker bikes. When you ask, "Are they any good?", we give a resounding "YES!"  And with several of our own staff owning Mondrakers over the years, we can confidently say they're not just good bikes – they're exceptional! 

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