Orbea Rise: Setting the benchmark in lightweight EMTB

The Orbea Rise has revolutionised the lightweight e-MTB world by embracing the "less is more" ethos. Our useful buyers guide helps make sense of the major differences between the models


We were super excited to review the Orbea Rise when it debuted in 2020. Its launch was a phenomenal success, immediately establishing Orbea as a leader in lightweight electric mountain bikes!


Since then, Orbea has released several Rise models, which can be a little confusing at first glance. Let's dive in and decode the key differences, so you can find the perfect one for you.

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Decoding Orbea Rise Model Names

Ever wondered what those letters and numbers in Orbea Rise model names mean? Here's your breakdown:


Carbon or Aluminum frame?

"M" models: lighter carbon fiber frames

"H" models: more budget-friendly aluminum

Level of components used?

Model names & numbers tell you about the level of components used. See the guidance chart.

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Two Versions of the Rise: Mk2 vs M3


In 2025 Orbea launched a Mk 3 version of the Rise emtb. We wrote a whole article about the big changes here, but the comparison table demonstrates some of the key differnces between the two versions MK 2 & LT MK 3. 


See all Mk 2's / See all Mk 3's

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Abbreviations used on the MK 3 models:


SL (Super Light): This is your awesome all-around trail eMTB, built to be as light as possible. Just like the Mk 2 Rise, it's got 140/140mm front/rear suspension.

LT (Long Travel): This one's all about going big! The LT takes that light Rise setup and turns it into a seriously capable enduro bike with 160/150mm suspension and a slacker head angle for gnarly trails.

orbea rise difference between  SL and LT

What does Orbea Rise MYO mean?


MYO - Is essentially Orbeas term used for bikes that are booked in the factory for a customised build & paint scheme. Here if you purchase a model with MYO in the title, you are purchasing a pre-allocated production build slot at the factory.


Once purchased we will be in touch to walk you through the customisation process.

orbea rise myo what is it

We hope this guide has been helpful! For even easier model comparison, try our handy filter. Sort by price, battery size,and other important features.


Additionally, many of our staff members have extensive experience with the Orbea Rise. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to help.

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