The Crafty facilitates our escape from the routines of daily life, allowing us to forge a connection with both the world of sport and the embrace of nature.

Mondrakers affinity for eMTB enduros is resolute.  Infused with the unmistakable essence of Mondraker DNA. These are the bikes that fulfill not only our desires but also cater to the needs of the majority. Serving as a conduit to detach from the routines of daily life, they seamlessly unite us with both sport and the natural world.

As we venture into 2023, our eMTB enduros will once again stand as global benchmarks within their domain. A notable upgrade lies in the incorporation of the latest advancements from Bosch, an esteemed bonus for riders. The CRAFTY family introduces the Bosch Smart System motor, complemented by the sleek Mini Remote wireless remote control, and a seamlessly integrated System Controller discreetly nestled within the top tube. This sophisticated addition showcases your current mode, remaining battery level, and extends the convenience of altering assistance modes, eliminating the need for the KIOX display if preferred.