Embracing the Downhill Rush: Acknowledging Your Love for Thrilling Descents and Your Desire for a Versatile eBike Alternative – Presenting 'The Level,' Our Most Exceptional Radical Electric Bike Creation!

Indulge Your Downhill Passion: Catering to Your Preference for Thrilling Descents Over Uphill Climbs. However, We Recognize Your Need for a Versatile eBike Beyond DH. This Led to the Birth of Our Most Innovative Electric Bike: The LEVEL.

A bike crafted to resonate with your riding style and the trails you hold dear. The LEVEL emerged from the desire to conquer the most challenging trails that have ever tested your skills. Whether it's the wild paths adorned with rocks, tangled roots, and daring drops, or the exhilarating playgrounds of bike parks, the LEVEL thrives in these environments. Boasting 180mm front and 170mm rear travel, it’s designed to shine in these aggressive landscapes.

Within the range, you'll find three distinct models, each powered by Bosch’s Performance Line CX GEN4 BS3 motor. This, combined with the state-of-the-art wireless Mini Remote and an integrated System Controller, ensures a seamless and responsive ride. With 750Wh batteries enhancing the experience, you can ascend to the trail-head as many times as your heart desires, maximising those well-earned descents.

Our intention in crafting the LEVEL was simple: we wanted to provide you with an effortless way to embrace your true passion – shredding trails. Whether it's the thrilling downhill surges or the joy of conquering varied terrain, the LEVEL is your partner in the pursuit of what you love most.