Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled adventure as you conquer the slopes of slopestyle, master the twists and turns of the pump track, and showcase your skills at the skate park!

Crafted from the ground up with an unwavering focus on delivering the ultimate dirt jump and slopestyle biking experience, the Alcatraz stands as the pinnacle of your riding encounters. Collaborating closely with Matt Jones, we meticulously deciphered the precise requisites of a contemporary dirt jump frame. Today, we take immense pride in unveiling the complete Alcatraz to the world. Engineered from the robust 6061 Series 3 aluminum alloy, this frame is purposefully overbuilt to withstand rigorous abuse. Its stiffness is second to none, accentuated by a tapered headtube and 135x10mm horizontal dropouts. Exclusively available as a complete bike, we've minimised the gap between you and those thrilling moments of executing colossal whips and flips.