Sizing varies between bike manufactures, to help get you the best sized bike for your height we have made sizing guides for several brands that we stock.


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Sizing Help

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Take a look at the style of trails you will be riding, and how you would approach them... are they fast and open or tight and technical? Steep or mellow? Do you like to catch air or keep the wheels on the ground? Do you pick the gnarly straight line, or move your bike around on the trail? Did you grow up racing BMX bikes, start off with mountain biking, or get into it from road biking? Want your bike to feel super stable or super agile? All of these factors come into play, and each one is just as important as the others, especially if you are in between sizes are trying to decide to either size down or up. In order to reflect those choices, we have updated our sizing charts with a lot more overlap across the size range so you can feel free to experiment with different sizes if you are in-between sizes. We have tried to illustrate the bike sizes we felt would apply to each rider size; but be sure to look at the geometry and make sure the size you are choosing makes sense for your preferences. Everyone is different, plain and simple. The lines have become blurred and there is no strict rule of thumb anymore. When choosing your perfect size, ask yourself these questions, call or email us if you need a second opinion and most importantly... make sure you pick the setup that you feel will be the most fun!

For the most part, sizing is not based around gender which is why our brands offer a variety of sizes that are ideal for almost any sized human. With the huge variety of trail styles, riding styles and bike setup preferences, we would urge you to not just pick a size because you have always ridden that size but factor in how your weight will be balanced and distributed on the bike. We want you to have as much fun as possible riding your bike. Remember, there is no right or wrong size for you (within reason of course), pick the size that feels the most comfortable and confidence inspiring for your riding style.

We highly recommend looking at the "Reach" measurement as the starting point for picking a size. The reach measurement will tell you how roomy the bike will feel and how balanced you will be when you are in an attack position standing on the pedals. Reach is now a standard that the mountain bike industry uses so you can use it to compare other bikes.

Bike Sizing - Reach