The all new Orbea Urrun is here!

The all new Orbea Urrun is here!

Posted by Paul Hoyle on 13th May 2022

The all new Orbea Urrun is here for 2022

Urrun means “far” in the Basque language. Without a doubt, Urrun is an ebike to take you far and explore distant horizons, but the name holds more significance to us. Urrun is about the long journey we embarked upon with this bike and how far we have come. With new technologies and innovative integrations, it’s safe to say we are proud to have Urrun in the family. Escape, enjoy bigger adventures, go further and explore harder. There are no more excuses. - (Orbea)

RS Platform

The RS platform was developed with an exclusive partnership between Shimano and Orbea, developing the EP8-RS motor. Which provides a quiet, natural assistance with no lag or drag. The assistance is distributed accordingly, when you pedal hard, the motor responds instantly with more assistance, which is one reason it feels so alive and natural.

The RS concept provides a great day on the trails because the lighter bike, lower power consumption and of course, greater reliance on your legs extends battery life by a factor of over 1.5x. With Urrun´s highly-optimised 540Wh main battery that equates to around 810Wh in a standard e-bike. Of course you can always add our Range Extender battery.


Urrun brings with it many cutting edge technologies aimed at simplifying the design and removing unnecessary weight. Integrated batteries remove weight and allow us to use slimmer, better looking designs whilst also increasing frame stiffness. Fully internal cables limit the possibility of damage, or rubbing but also remove clutter, leaving you to focus on the ride.


Prepare for some proper adventures because Urrun is always ready. The balanced geometry means great trail manners which maximises fun for all riders. Wider tyres and great suspension forks are just the icing on the cake.



Range Extender

Choose our range extender for the longest adventures or weekends away.

Kickstand Compatible

The neat mounts for kickstands simplify mounting without interfering with pedalling and are strong enough to support a fully laden Urrun.

Light Options 

Optional 1000 lumens front LED light with internal cables.

Click here to view the full range of Orbea Urrun Bikes. At MTB Monster we offer 0% finance up to 48 months with Free UK Delivery. If you have any question about the range please contact us here.