Much like the steadfast tool you instinctively reach for in every task, the Smuggler stands as the ultimate choice for any trail, whether it ascends, descends, or winds in all directions.

Boasting a combination of dual 29-inch wheels, a rear travel of 130mm, and a front travel of 140mm, the Smuggler emerges as possibly the most adaptable bicycle in our collection. Its impressively progressive leverage curve and a geometry that exudes comfort and confidence imbue it with an unrelenting enthusiasm to cover countless miles, while simultaneously providing unshakeable stability on even the most intricate terrains. Occupying a space that harmoniously bridges the gap between the Spur and Sentinel in terms of travel, geometry, and capability, it inherits attributes from both ends of the spectrum. Whether you're seeking inspiration and gratification while pushing your limits on cherished singletracks or surging ahead without hesitation when the path turns steeply challenging, the Smuggler guarantees an all-encompassing enjoyment of every moment on the trail.