Elevate Your Skills in Pumping, Bumping, and Jumping with the PBJ!

The PBJ is a tried-and-true classic in our lineup, and its enduring popularity is well-earned. Crafted with a unique geometry courtesy of our very own Lars n' Bars, this bike instantly welcomes mountain bikers. Its relaxed geometry strikes a perfect balance, providing stability for high-speed runs and big jumps, yet it remains lively and nimble on the tightest pump tracks. The PBJ is your key to becoming a superior mountain biker, taking your pumping, bumping, and jumping abilities to new heights.

Introducing the X-long PBJ with an extended reach and chainstay. This size isn't just for taller riders; it's also ideal for those seeking a pumptrack/dirt jump bike that mirrors the fit of their trail bike. Whether you're transitioning from mountain trails to the local pump track, the PBJ ensures a seamless switch between bikes without any need for adjustments.