The hottest new name in the emtb world

GasGas electric bikes have made a powerful entrance with their eye-catching, aggressive designs. But it's not just about looks, GasGas e-bikes deliver innovative engineering, proven by the recent win of the ECC 6 for best EMTB at the Riva festival.


When GasGas Ebikes debuted in 2021, they certainly turned heads, leaving many asking, "Wow, these look awesome, where did they come from?" The truth is, GasGas has been a major player in the off-road scene since 1985, designing and building trail, enduro, and motocross bikes for the toughest environments.


This experience translates seamlessly to their EMTB products, leveraging proven technology for exceptional performance.

gasgas ebikes history

The name GasGas originates from a Spanish phrase commonly used in the mid-1980s, when the company was founded. "Vamos! Gas a fondo... gas gaaas!!!" translates to "C'mon, give it full gas!!!, Go... faster, faster!", embodying the spirit of pushing limits and striving for the best.


This phrase was then shortened to create the globally recognized brand name GasGas, which is now synonymous with the simple hand gesture of twisting the throttle and encouraging riders to give it their all.

gasgas e-bikes

GasGas ebikes are unmistakable with their bold designs and striking graphics, instantly turning heads and sparking envy.


They're not just about looks either – the GasGas factory racing team competes at the highest level in the UCI Mountain Bike E-Enduro World Cup, achieving top 10 finishes in only their second season.

gasgas electric bikes

For 2024, the GasGas lineup features two standout EMTB models: the ECC and MXC.


Both utilise the powerful SRAM powertrain drive unit with 90 Nm of torque and a 630 Wh battery.


gasgas emtb

The key differences lie in the wheel setup and suspension travel. The MXC runs a mullet setup (29-inch front/27.5-inch rear) for agile handling, while the ECC has 29-inch wheels on both ends for maximum stability.


The ECC also boasts 170mm of front travel and 160mm of rear travel, compared to the MXC's 160mm/140mm configuration.

gasgas e-mtb

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