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Orbea Rise M20 2021 - Ice Green / Ocean


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Cycle To Work

Orbea have started an e-bike revolution with the Orbea Rise. Check out the full Orbea Rise review here to see why we rate this bike so much. 

Introducing a completely new way to ride... designed to expand your trail experience and bring you closer to the moment – nearer the sensation that less “e” delivers more “bike”. Whether you crave riding greater distances, reaching more epic locations, improving efficiency or increasing the frequency of your adventures, Rise beyond expectations and discover the new standard in MTB.

Aimed at the mountain biker who wants a mountain bike with a some assistance in the climbs to cover more milage quicker but fundamentally wants a bike that behave and feels like a normal mountain bike and to date has struggled with the thought of excessive power & weight of a modern full suspension e-bike. The weight of the Orbea Rise is far closer to a normal mountain bike's weight than most full-suspension e-bikes on the market (approx 22-25kg).

Keeping the weight so low (16.2-18.5kg: depending on size / model) produces an awesome bike that retains the agility and manauveability that most e-mtbs loose when descending down trails and tracks. The Rise revolution is here and many mountain bikes looking for there next bike will struggle to find a reason not to see the enormous appeal of the Rise!

Orbea Rise Size Chart:

SizeHeight (cm )Height (ft and in)
Small 150 -162 4ft9 - 5ft4
Medium 162-173 5ft4 - 5ft8
Large 173-185 5ft8 - 6ft1
XL 185-198 6ft1 - 6ft5

Key Features


Is the Rise For You?

Rise is for riders looking for an enhanced experience, more range, increased freedom and a natural feel in a revolutionary platform. Rise riders may be new to ebike acceptance but are willing to try new technologies and are attracted to a bike that offers an experience that is more physical than that offered by more powerful systems.


Rider Synergy

As ebikes become more powerful, something important is lost. Riding trails with an electric tailwind is exhilarating and an entirely new kind of buzz, but can we really claim it’s the same experience as pedaling under our own power? If squeezing in more climbs, descents and fun is the goal, then there is no need to sacrifice simplicity, responsiveness, superb handling or weight. Rider Synergy (RS) is the term we use to describe this idea of enhancing your ride, not domi- nating it.

Our Rider Synergy concept is a new philosophy – a completely integrated system that becomes a reality when Power, Range, Interface and Weight are considered together.


RS Power: Shimano Partnership

The idea of creating our own power plant for RISE was daunting, but we imagined it would be the only way to realize our goal of a complete RS system for trail bikes. When Shimano shared the plans for their new EP8 motor, we realized the new platform could be co-developed to match our unique needs. Working jointly, Orbea set out to develop proprietaryelectronics and batteries while Shimano tested and delivered an exclusive motor configured to our own RS specifications – our dream of a light, responsive and quiet ebike had become a reality.



RS Power: Responsive & Quite

Power is only as useful as the manner in which it is applied. The EP8 RS power band feels alive and responsive, echoing your input and cadence especially in the 75–95rpm range. Just as you are pedaling harder, Rise responds instantly with more power. This point is absolutely critical – full assistance comes in the right places at the right times, responding naturally with no lag or drag. This, combined with one of the quietest motors on the market, gives Rise a totally unique feel and eliminates the WHEEEEEEEE noise that can give you the impression that you are just along for the ride.


RS Power: Personalised Control

We have different riding needs, so Rise comes with two preset RS Power profiles. Profile 1 delivers a more subtle support feel, maximizing range and prioritizing a more natural riding experience. Profile 2 is tuned for slightly more assistance within the RS Power parameters.

Both profiles can be fine-tuned in seconds to your personal liking, using the Shimano E-tube mobile app.


RS Range: Rise 360Wh Battery

The 2.1Kg main battery might be one of the lightest and slimmest examples out there. Housed in a strong and reliable alloy case, this energy bank is based on the newest 21700 cell that provides a higher rate of charge/discharge and ultimately much better battery life and heat management.


RS Range: Range Extender 360 + 252Wh

Rise is intended for big rides. Let’s be honest, how often are we really riding 3-4 hours? That’s not counting time spent driving to the trail, food breaks, instagram photos or beer... that’s pedaling time! But of course it happens, and some days just demand more time on the bike, a few more meters of climbing. Our RS Range Extender battery gives you an additional 252Wh of exploration. Combined with the internal battery that’s an impressive 612Wh, enough that only a dual-battery system on a standard ebike can keep up. The Range Extender provides instantaneous power, so plug in any time and carry more than one for ridiculously long rides.


RS Range: Highly efficient system. The 1.5x Factor

The battery is one of the most noticeable components of an eBike system, so every step has been taken to create the lightest, smallest and most discreet unit. The RS concept provides allows a great day on the trails because the lighter bike, lower power consumption and of course, greater reliance on your legs extends battery life by a factor of over 1.5x. This means the 360Wh RS Battery of Rise delivers ride times and ranges similar to a 540Wh battery in a typical eBike.


RS Range: Extra Time in a bottle

The RS Range Extender Cage is compatible with standard water bottles. This sounds intuitive and perhaps even easy, but it was not a simple accomplishment. A battery the same shape as a water bottle is the first solution, but the form factor didn’t offer enough range so we are patenting our own unique rounded-hexagon design that holds more Li-ion cells. The required RS cage holds the Range Extender firmly and still plays nicely with a cylindrical bottle for rides that don’tstretch into the twilight hours.


RS Interface: Minimalist design

The elegance of simplicity is undeniable. Many riders spend hours removing excess weight, noise and visual distraction from the riding experience. With a traditional ebike, displays, sensors, extra wires and large glowing buttons are standard and unavoidable. For us, the option of a traditional, uncluttered machine is a critical aspect of the RS philosophy – Rise puts as little as possible between you and the trail.

The RS Interface is sleek, but doesn’t lack expandability. The simplest configuration consists of a discreet rocker switch near the brake lever to control assistance level and a small, inline junction box that broadcasts wireless data and sports two tiny LEDs that display Battery Charge and Assist Mode info.


RS Interface: More Data

The Shimano EP8 display is available through MyO for riders who desire a bit more control at their fingertips, and the E-Tube App allows unprecedented control over motor output and two rider profiles.

The RS System is also LEV and Bluetooth enabled, so it can be wirelessly controlled by a wide variety of aftermarket devices.


RS Interface: Compatibility

If desired the Orbea Rise can link up to various tech applications.

This chart should help explain the RS Compatibility of various apps and integrations. 



RS Interface: One Button

The simple power button is tucked down by the bot- tom bracket, and all wires are routed internally. The magnet of the Shimano system is cleverly hidden inside the rear brake rotor and the frame sensor is virtually invisible with no wires, spoke magnets or electronics dangling mid-chainstay.

The only other visible electronic component is the sealed charging port on the side of the seat tube. This is covered by a tough waterproof and dustproof cover when not being used, and has an integrated CleanClip feature that holds plugs tightly when charging the battery or using the RS Range Extender.

RS Weight

The RS Motor, Battery and Electronics are lighter than other eBike systems by over half. But that doesn’t explain how RISE can weigh as little as 16.5kg (35.27lbs). The additional weight savings are indeed due to the motor but not simply its mass. Ebikes with high-powered motors deliver peak torque that can be too much for standard components. And with bike weights of 22-24kg (48.5 - 53lbs) and more un-sprung weight in the system, brakes and suspension components are beefed up accordingly. The beauty of the RS system is that assistance torque and power is provided within a range where normal, high-quality trail bike components can be used. Manuals, quick direction changes and playful handling characteristics are not normally associated with eBikes, but the sporty Rise takes a big chunk out of that “conventional wisdom” and the result feels quite a bit like your favorite trail rig.


Suspension: 140mm of Trail Balanced Travel

Trail bikes need to be good at everything, capable of handling the widest variety of terrain without making big compromises in any aspect of performance. Rise rules the zone between long-travel enduro prowess and skinny-tire XC efficiency that most of us encounter every day.


Suspension: Advanced Dynamics

Advanced Dynamics transforms virtual designs into real machines – Bikes for demanding riders that are faster, more fun to ride and far beyond ordinary.


Our large suspension “library” is updated with new designs and data obtained from our suspension part- ners. This is detailed stuff, not just marketing des- criptions of a new damper or spring curve.


Our Advanced Dynamics software is used to optimi- ze geometry, linkage and pivot locations to obtain the suspension characteristics we are looking for, depending on how the bike will be used.


When we start test-riding prototypes, we are working out tiny details instead of crossing our fingers and hoping the bike will largely perform as we hoped. Starting at 90% means we get closer to perfection.


Suspension: Concentric Boost 2

Remove the axle and the derailleur hanger can be replaced by hand, no additional tools necessary.

Saves the weight of complex yokes and additional pivot axles and hardware. Pivot axle is also the hub axle, maintenance is incredibly easy.

Moving the pivot to the rear axle increases system stiffness and precision.

Enduro Max Black Oxide bearings give unmatched durability and small bump sensitivity

Rear pivot location decouples braking forces from the swingarm assembly, reducing braking feedback.


Suspension: Kinematics

A high starting leverage rate gives a plush and acti- ve feel combined with terrific traction. A progressive curve controls the bike in full-travel situations the inevitable big hits that come along with pointing a capable bike down a rocky trail.

This support along with the anti-squat characteristics of the main pivot placement mean Rise is an efficient pedaler that won’t sap your energy in sustained efforts.


Braking & Pedalling Characteristics


The rear pivot location decouples braking forces from the swingarm assembly, reducing braking feedback.


The main pivot point on the Rise is located to work efficiently with single ring setups and adapted for the greater BB drop associated with 29” wheels.


Suspension Setup Guide


The rear pivot location decouples braking forces from the swingarm assembly, reducing braking feedback.


Materials: OMR

Orbea Monocoque Race (OMR) fames add high modulus and high strength fibers to a standard layup to improve stiffness-to-weight ratios. Bladder molding with EPS forms and PU head tube and bottom bracket inserts stop wrinkling and unconformities in critical zones, allowing less carbon to be used while maintaining strength.


Rise shares the same super-light construction techniques used with Occam and Rallon, resulting in one of the lightest eMTB frames available, and the Rise M-LTD model tips the scales at a feathery 16.2kg.


Design: Symmetrical Frame Design

The oversized down tube and broad engine mount surface at the bottom bracket create the torsional stiffness necessary to eliminate any additional front triangle reinforcement.


Design: Pure Trail Geometry

SLACKER HEAD ANGLE - Great Stability

LOWER BOTTOM BRACKET - Corners Naturally

LONGER COCKPIT - Room to Move & Balance

LONGER WHEEL BASE - Stability at High Speeds

STEEP SEAT ANGLE - Proper Pedaling Position

SHORT SEAT TUBE - For Long Dropper Posts


Frame Construction: Orbea Monocoque

We use the most technologically advanced carbon construction available to make the most sophisticated frame possible – A complex and painstaking process with results you will appreciate in the saddle.

Lightness: Optimised layups and fewer frame pieces reduces weight. Optimum carbon compaction allows us to use less material.

Stiffness: Single uniform structures are better optimised to resist deflection. Carbon structures are tuned to deliver maximum stiffness without adding weight.

Ride Quality: Running continuous fibres through and around intersections allows fine-tuning of structures for the best blend of comfort and rigidity.

Reliability: Eliminating bonded areas increases strength. The lifetime warranty assures your Orbea will be a long-time companion.

Full Carbon: Engineering a frame that uses as much carbon as possible of course saves weight but it also contributes to the sophistication and refinement of each Orbea.


Wheel Choice: 29" Wheels


For long, fast rides over varied terrain with the greatest versatility, 29” is the clear choice. Wide 2.5” tires have a high volume and big footprint, digging more knobs into the ground at any one time, increasing cornering and braking traction


The Small Details:

NTEGRATED CHAINGUIDE Carbon ACB races are molded into the headtube for the lightest, simplest design possible.

POST MOUNT 180MM A direct interface for the brake caliper means flex-free braking and no extra weight from adapters.

ENDURO BEARINGS Enduro-brand sealed bearings replace shock bushings and are used throughout for ultimate suspension performance.

FRAME PROTECTION Custom co-moulded plastic protectors shield the frame from impacts and drivetrain noise.

LIFETIME WARRANTY We have total confidence in our products and our tireless efforts to ensure that Orbea bicycles are of the highest quality enable us to offer the Orbea Lifetime Warranty.


Design Your Ride

While you can always opt for the carefully selected colour schemes that are available with every range of Orbea Rise Bikes, you also have the option to personalise your bike colour and specification.

We offer MyO component options for many Rise models. Switching a wheelset, gearing or other components is possible through the ordering process, so your Rise arrives with you in the exact configuration you desire. To find out more or to request a member of MTB Monster to call you back to discuss the options please contact us here.


Special Projects: Weight reduction

Top level Fox Factory suspension, the same Shimano SLX, XT and XTR components you find on standard bikes, lightweight wheels and standard trail tires all contribute to Rise handling much more like a bike and less like something you dread lifting onto your car at the end of a ride. To enhance this benefit and take advantage of further weight savings, we’ve developed two unique projects that you’ll find only on Rise models.


Without the need for an overbuilt steel chainring, we’ve developed a proprietary alloy forged and CNC-finished 32T integrated spider design.


We worked directly with Maxxis to create an EXO+ version of one of our favorite Trail tires – the Rekon 2.4 3C Maxx Terra EXO+ is an Orbea exclusive.




Frequently Asked Questions 

Does the Orbea Rise use any eMTB components? 

Part of RS Concept is Weight - Rise uses normal Trail components that weigh much less than "eMTB" parts.

What is the weight of the Orbea rise M-LTD? 
With the special transparent paint job, M-LTD models can weigh as little as 16.2kg. With a personalized MyO paint scheme in a larger size, the bike could weigh up to 16.5kg.

What is the weight of the Orbea Rise M-TEAM?
Close to 17.5kg for Team with bigger tires, Fox 36 fork and Float DPX2 rear shock. Of course it depends on MYO spec choices.
What is the weight of the Orbea Rise M10 and Orbea Rise M20? 
M10 and M20 bike weights of approximately 18-18.3kg. 

What is the Shimano warranty for the EP8 RS Motor?

2 year warranty from Shimano on the motor, battery and parts.

Why is the main battery not removable with a frame battery door?

A removable battery design has a negative impact on frame stiffness and adds parts, complexity and weight.

Is the battery easy to remove?

The battery is attached with two bolts and can be removed easily, we recommend servicing by Orbea Dealers.

Is there a fast charger?

No fast charger for RS system specs - However, it's true that small batteries charge faster.

What is the time to 80% charge? What is the time to 100% charge?

4 hours and 5.5 hours for the internal battery. 3.5 hours to fully charge the RS Range Extender.

Will the Shimano eTube app include RS rider profiles? Can these be edited?

2 RS profiles will be preset: a more conservative power setting and a more supportive power setting. The rider can fine-tune these RS profiles.

What data is available about Power, Battery and Cycling Info?

Devices with LEV will display varying levels of information. The most robust interface and information will be available with the Garmin RS App.

What is the crank arm length?

165MM S-M bikes, 170MM L-XL bikes.

Is the suspension different from Occam?

The appearance, philosophy and travel are the same, but the suspension kinematics are slightly adjusted for Rise to achieve a similar Trail feel. There are slight differences in the linkage and extender.

Will the Fox Float X2 fit the Rise?

Float X2 will not fit. Float DPX2 and Float DPS are compatible.

When will the Range Extender be available?

Approximately - early 2021 

What size dropper will come the the Orbea Rise come with as standard?

While it can be possible to specify a different size dropper at MTB Monster, below is a table that shows the standard dropper that comes with the bike:

Drop size M-20 M-10 M-Team M-LTD
Small 125mm 125mm 125mm 125mm
Medium 150mm 150mm 150mm 125mm
Large  150mm 150mm 150mm 125mm
X-Large 170mm 170mm 175mm 125mm


Orbea Rise OMR 2021 - 140mm Rear travel , for 29" boost wheels
Fox Float DPS Performance 3-Position Evol Custom tune 210x55mm
Front Fork:
Fox 34 Float Performance 140 3-position suspension setting (15x110)
Dropper Remote:
Shimano SL-MT5000 I-Spec EV
e-Thirteen e spec Direct Mount 32T Boost
e-Thirteen Plus Alu 165mm
Acros Alloy 1-1/8 - 1-1/2" Intergrated
OC1 35mm 12mm Rise / 780mm Wide
OC1 3D Forged 35mm interface 7
Shimano SLX M7100 I-Spec EV
Shimano M6100 Hydraulic Disc
Rear Derailleur:
Shimano SLX M7100 SGS Shadow Plus
Shimano M6100
Race Face AR 30c Tubeless Ready
Shimano CS-M7100 10-52t (12 speed)
Maxxis Rekon 2.40" 120 TPI 3CMaxxTerra Exo+ TLR
OC2 Dropper 31.6mm
Fizik Taiga S-alloy rail
Orbea rise chain guide
Shimano RS
Orbea Custom 360Wh
Shimano E7000 switch unit for assist
Orbea RS Smart (36V-6a)
Please Note:
Orbea reserve the right to make changes to the product information contained on this site at any time without notice, including with respect to equipment, specifications, models, colours, and materials.
Please see above



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